Tesla Model S

Holthausen Group is able to hack the popular Tesla Model S so it could drive both on hydrogen and electricity. The gas supplier from the Netherlands dubbed it as their “Project Hesla.” The resulting model can travel 620 miles (1,000 km); more than two hundred percent of the maximum distance of the least expensive variant of the Model S.

Hesla – A Combined Breed of Tesla and Hydrogen

The Tesla Model S is probably the most popular electric car on the market. The cheapest variant, namely the 75D model, can drive around 259 miles (416km) on full charge. The more expensive 100D can go further at 335 miles (539 km). While the highest variant, P100D, boasts an impressive range of 315 miles (506 km).

Netherlands gas supplier Holthausen Group managed to improve the Model S by basically putting a hydrogen power source in the equation. Tesla was not involved in the process. As a result, Holthausen managed to significantly boost the maximum range of the once all-electric car model. They even put a name for this breakthrough: Project Hesla, making them the first in the world to do so.

Holthausen Group engineer Max Holthausen consider the car’s system as a “big maze.” He claimed this made it quite difficult to convert the Tesla Model S from an all-electric type to a vehicle that accepts not just electricity, but also hydrogen.

Hesla now has hydrogen stored in tanks attached inside the vehicle. A full supply of hydrogen and a fully-charged battery will allow Hesla to travel nearly 620 miles (1,000 km).


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