Apple Upcoming Device Leaked! Will It Be Another iPhone 8 Model?

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iPhone 8 Introduction

Apple officially welcomes the newest iPhone 8 models on their Sept. 12 event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. Rumors say that enthusiasts wrongly named the 2017 iPhone.

Previous Conventions

During their previous events, Apple became famous for naming their devices with the newest number, ‘s’, and ‘s Plus’ versions. The order signifies upgraded version one after another since iPhone 4. A change in iPhone number means that it possess an even bigger update than the previous version.

Is It Going To Be iPhone 8?

According to a reliable report, IFA 2017 claim that the new batch of phone will be named differently. Apple will be welcoming iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone Edition. These devices are previously believed to be named iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8, respectively. Confusing, right? But Apple always wants their phones named simple but unique.

The name first surfaced in March when the company unveiled the Apple Watch Edition for $1,249. Experts believe that the new iPhone will have more than $1,000 price tag, hence iPhone Edition.

But another report contradicts the name of one device. Instead of iPhone Edition, another website claims that the new phone will be named iPhone X. They made more sense by analyzing that ‘X’ represents a roman numeral. This directly translates to Apple’s commemoration of its 10th anniversary.

More iPhone Models

New leaks show the display sizes of the upcoming iPhone 9. Fans are so eager to get their hands on iPhone 8, but Apple is already busy making a 9th device.

People expect iPhone 8 to have an even bigger screen, but Apple plans to extend that further for iPhone 9. This is the first ever wraparound OLED display in Apple’s history of improving smartphones.

Sources reveal that Apple will unveil two different OLED iPhone devices in 2018. To make their smartphones better, sources also report that Apple began collaborating with other big companies like Samsung Display and other OLED manufacturers.