[Breaking] Yuya Takahashi Returns To ‘Dragon Ball Super’; Currently Working On Episode 122, The Most Epic Episode Ever?

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Dragon Ball Super announces the return of Yuya Takahashi who's currently working on Episode 122

Just in — Dragon Ball Super Fans have another reason to enjoy this holiday season. The supervisor of Dragon Ball Super Episode 114, Yuya Takahashi returns to Dragon Ball Super. Furthermore, Takashi is currently working Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 which the fandom speculates to be the most epic episode ever! Or, could it be the most awaited Goku and Jiren battle?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 was full of explosive ki-blasts exchange between two formidable warriors, Goku, Kale, and Caulifla. In fact, that episode was so stunning it actually raised the bar for Dragon Ball Super current arc, the Tournament of Power.

The Goku and Kefla battle earned numerous praises from the community on how the Dragon Ball Super creators paced every series of events. So, in conjunction with Takahashi’s return to Dragon Ball Super, fans should expect greater heights, as the DBS team are going full throttle.

So far, the response of the Dragon Ball Super community is full of hype and anticipation. “The image of you doing a line then saying “Welcome back to the Super Staff Roundup” into a microphone makes me giggle,” says one of the fans.

Now, the big question is, what’s in store in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122? Yes, it is going to be another epic battle, but with whom? Is it the most awaited Goku and Jiren? I just can’t wait for this moment to unfold!

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