DOTA 2 Update 7.07 Brings A Lot of Changes

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DOTA 2 is making a comeback by releasing its newest update, DOTA 2 Update 7.07. PUBG is currently sitting on top of the most downloaded games list. The game developers behind DOTA 2 has taken this as a challenge to retake the throne.

DOTA 2 has announced significant changes in the game come the next update. Along with a few tweaks, they also announced the coming of two new heroes added to the pool. Fans and players alike have gone bananas over the exciting news.

Ever since the announcement has been made, players remained ecstatic with every released update. Now, 7.07 has finally been released, and fans are absolutely loving the new update.

What is New for DOTA 2 Update 7.07?

Perhaps the most salient change in the new update 7.07 is the addition of Pangolier and Dark Willow. These two were previously teased during The International 2017. A lot has been commenting on the acquisition of the two since then.

Dark Willow, the latest addition to DOTA 2 heroes

Aside from the addition of two new heroes, update 7.07 brings changes for other heroes. From abilities to voice packs to arcanas, fans are treated to a lot of new things.

Game modes also received a bit of tweaking during the latest update. A turbo mode was added wherein the standard gameplay is played at a faster rate. This means weaker towers, speedier xpm, and gpm as well as shorter respawn time. A real quick game for those who want to play in a fast manner.

Overall, there are also a lot of changes to the gameplay itself. For starters, a TP scroll is now given to everybody at the start of the match. Revisions can be found in almost every aspect of the game. Creep spawns, laning, armor mechanics, buildings and structures, map, Roshan and a lot more have all been modified.

Time will tell whether the DOTA 2 Update 7.07 is worth the wait and hype.