‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers Set Gohan’s Upcoming Breaking Limit Moment

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Next week on Dragon Ball Super, Universe 7 faces another tough opponent. Universe 3 known as the Robotic Civilization will finally put their plans into action, and their primary target is Goku and the rest of Universe 7. Will Universe 7 survive the imminent attacks of Universe 3?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 120.

The new Dragon Ball Super preview for Episode 120 sets up the excitement for next week’s episode. Gohan fans will finally see their favorite warrior break barriers to face the fierce warriors of Universe 3.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 New Translated Spoilers[Image by Herms98 | Twitter]According to the latest spoilers, Gohan takes charge on the battle against Koitsukai and company. Moreover, Gohan himself gets down to business, exploding a new astonishing power. In fact, he dubs this episode’s preview to tease fans about his breaking limit moment.

“Watch, this is my full power,” Gohan in this week’s Dragon Ball Super preview.

Universe 3 vs. Gohan in Episode 120

Universe 3 has another trick up their sleeves, making it extra tricky for Universe 7 to surpass their imminent attacks. It has been confirmed that the warriors of Universe 3 will initiate merging, Voltron-style.

As seen in the preview, Koitsukai and two other Universe 3 warriors combined similarly to how Voltron, Gundam, or Power Rangers used to merged. Yes, its a bit surprising how Dragon Ball Super ended with such idea. Nonetheless, it’s going to be another exciting battle against Universe 3 and 7.

In the context of Gohan’s breaking limit moment, many Dragon Ball Super community and forums are speculating he will unveil a new power or form. It has been the talk since the Tournament of Power even commenced.

With Piccolo out of the tournament, Gohan will hold his ground, this time as a single warrior. Gohan has been battling alongside with his favorite tag team partner in the Tournament of Power. It is also suspected that this could be the probable reason hindering Gohan to tap into its full might. Now that Piccolo is eliminated, fans of the hit anime show will see a new side of Gohan.

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