Experts push US, China for ‘energy cooperation’ to address climate issues

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Energy experts are urging the United States and China to collaborate towards providing innovative solutions to today’s global climate issues.

“The U.S. is leading the clean energy technologies in general, but China has the largest market. So it’s a perfect match. I always say it’s a match (made) in heaven for the U.S. and China to work together,” Robert Wu, chairman and CEO of the U.S.-China Green Energy Council, said in a Xinhua report.

Last Saturday,  an energy summit dubbed as “Innovative Energy Solutions: Fueling Our Green Future” was held in Silicon Valley.

In a separate report, 60 energy experts were said to have gathered during the event.

In the last seven years, China’s carbon emissions were the fastest.

“Global emissions were flat from 2014-16 but began rising again in 2017 as the Chinese economy recovered and as emission grew in the EU and the rest of Asia. Scientists are concerned the trend in China will continue this year,” a report read.

In a report, Niklas Höhne, a partner at the New Climate Institute, identified China as “fundamentally critical for what happened to global emissions.”

“One major goal of the Paris agreement is that global emissions peak as soon as possible, and China is the one that determines in the end whether global emissions will peak soon or not. That is why all eyes are on China,” Höhne added.

Meanwhile, the Environment Protection Agency reported that greenhouse emissions have actually dropped in the US.

“The 2016 decline was largely a result of substitution from coal to natural gas consumption in the electric power sector and warmer winter conditions that reduced demand for heating fuel in the residential and commercial sectors,” the report read.

However, the public awaits how US President Donald Trump’s seeming attacks against greener sources of energy, with the budget of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy cut by at least two-thirds.

Still, energy experts remain hopeful.

Wu added in the news report that the collaboration between these two big countries is highly important given the current worsening global climate conditions.

He said, “it’s one world. We have to work with each other to address climate change.”