Feminist Kyrgyz Singer Receives Death Threats for Wearing a Bra in Her Music Video

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Kyrgyz feminist singer Zere has received death threats after she released her new music video in which she is singing wearing a bra.

This song is about gender equality challenging the attitude of the people in general towards the women in a deeply traditional country.

The 19 years old singer revealed about the death threats she had been receiving in an Instagram post.

She mentions in the post that, if I do not delete the video and ask forgiveness from the Kyrgyz people, he will kill me.

She became a celebrity just after the release of her first video called ‘kyz’ which means the girl. Soon she became a voice of helpless women in she was catapulted into the spotlight as a spokesperson for women’s rights in Kyrgyzstan.

In this music video, Zere is wearing a purple bra singing about a woman’s right to her own opinion to be respected.

“Why should I be like you want others? Where’s your respect for me?” she sings while looking into the camera.

Kyrgyzstan is a conservative Muslim country. Seeing the culture of the country, the video appears provocative – something that the singer says was deliberate in order to “draw attention to the important problem” of gender discrimination.

Zere is now afraid of leaving her house in the evening or to go out in public without any security.

“I suppose they don’t mean it and nothing will happen, but I can’t be 100% sure,” she said while talking to a media agency.

She has plans to continue her efforts towards the women’s rights in Kyrgyzstan through her art, with the goal of taking her message international.