The Foreigner is Getting Mixed Reviews

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Jackie Chan is making his return to the big screen. This time around, he plays a more serious character in The Foreigner. In contrast to his usual movies, Jackie Chan portrays a less humorous approach to action movies. With a sudden change in style, maybe Jackie Chan is trying to reinvent himself ala John Wick or Taken.

The story revolves around a revenge plot. Chan’s daughter was killed in a bombing incident and thus provoking him to take matters into his own hands. He demands names of those responsible for the bombing which killed his only reason to live.

Pierce Brosnan will also be starring in the film along with Jackie Chan. He will play as a high ranking officer who is contacted by Chan after the incident. Both actors are well-known to do excellent action movies. The film is also directed by acclaimed action director, which could mean a better brand of an action movie.

Pierce Brosnan will join Jackie Chan

How Does The Foreigner Fair to Movie-Goers?

The media is reacting to Jackie Chan’s new brand of the action movie. Others see it as a good move so that it offers something fresh out of a Jackie Chan film which is usually filled with punchlines.

Unlike his previous movies like Rush Hour, the film is a dark and severe film from the start up until the credits scene. This ultimately led to other fans’ dismay.

Jackie Chan is famous for integrating comedy along with the action. This unique combination made it seem like both can be put on the same side of the coin. Nonetheless, fans of his original kinds of action movies will still be pleased to hear of another Rush Hour film coming soon.