HTGAWM Returns to ABC this September 28th

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From the first season up until HTGAWM’s third season, the Professor Keating and the gang have been giving us a handful of plot twists. These series of unexpected turn of events would often leave us dumbfounded at the end of each season.

The latest plot twist left the fans utterly speechless because of the death of one of its main protagonists. The viewers were led to believe that the story revolves solely on Wes Gibbons and Professor Keating. Of course, due to unfavorable circumstances, Wes dies. This is something that the fans of Game of Thrones would certainly relate upon.

The last episode of season 3 aired last March 2016. And finally, the fourth season’s release date was recently finalized by ABC, which would be on the 28th of September.

A scene from HTGAWM season 3

What do we expect in Season 4?

The last episode of season 3 reveals Wes’ murderer. Unexpectedly, Laurel’s father was the mastermind behind the tragic twist of fate. We can expect season 4 to explain why he did it and whether or not Laurel will be able to find this out.

Professor Keating would certainly get the truth out of anybody she can squeeze information from, so it might be safe to say that she would play a prominent role in uncovering the mysterious murder of Wes.

Love affairs between characters should also get some screen time for the next season.  I think there would also be the continuation of Bonnie’s dark past and of course, more murder to cover up.

Many of the fans have already constructed their theories as to how the show would go in the next season.

The show is both dark and exciting to watch since every episode is directly explaining the other events that came before. Catch the show at 10 pm right after the 2 hour season 14 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC.