Insidious: The Last Key’s Trailer Sends Shivers

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Insidious Trailer

When Insidious first came into cinemas in 2010, it showed promise of a good scare. True enough, it gave us quite a fright as we all screamed and grabbed the edge of our seats.

It seemed like a long time since we have seen a horror film as well done as Insidious. The plot and the effects used in the movie were both equally excellent. Over the course of over half a decade, Insidious has released two other installments, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

Both installations were as praise worthy as the original flick. Chapter 2 continues the plot twist we discovered in the first chapter while the third chapter was an explanation and history off of the first movie. Chapter 2 and chapter 3 deserves to call a solid follow-up movie to chapter 1.

Insidious’ Trailer Looks Just as Frightening as its Predecessors

Just when we thought Insidious could not get any stranger than it already is, the trailer for the next installment breaks expectations. The trailer for Insidious: The Last Key looks even stranger than what we have already seen in the last three chapters.

A scene from Insidious’s latest trailer

The story for Chapter 4 is expected to focus on Elise Rainier, the demon specialist in the three previous installations. The trailer shows her going in yet another venture filled with mysterious happenings caused by demonic beings.

Viewers expect this newest installation to keep them on the edge of their seats when they see it on the big screens this January. The Insidious franchise has always been good with complying with the expectations the viewers set. It is likely that the movie itself would prove to be better than the trailer.

As we see on the trailer’s preview, it gets even stranger.

The movie is set to be released come 2018 around January, as seen in the final seconds of the trailer.