iOS11 will revolutionize iPhone

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All iPhone users, be prepared for your iPhone experience will be revolutionized. iPhones will now be on the whole new level.

iPhone has now released features on their upcoming upgrade. Talks about the latest update were first heard last June. And just this month they have finalized their upgrades.

According to the company, they will have the iOS11 release a week after iPhone8 makes its debut. Not only that, they made sure that all iPhones will have a significant transformation.

iPhone’s revolutionary upgrade

iOS11 will now have new Dock system. It is now easier to drag and drop items from drop box or iCloud. It will be now easier to switch between paired apps.

Letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuations marks are now on the same screen. So no more hassle of switching from different tabs.

Siri’s going to have a makeover

Siri, the all time iPhone assistant, is going to have an upgrade. Now with the new OS, Siri can translate to other languages. She can now speak Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish. Plus Siri has an adaptive system. Now, she can learn the users favorite and will suggest as the user browse.

Upgrade to Selfie Experience

With the new update, users will now have a defined photo. Photos taken shall now have a life-like image. Now with HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format) images and live loops will now consume smaller storage.

Upgrade on Apple Pay

With iOS11 you can now send money to friends and family via the service. You can send money in messages. Users can also now use Siri to pay by using the debit or credit cards of the owner.

iOS11 will be available for iPhones and iPads. These are just a few of the upgrades present on iOS11. These upgrades not only to help users but to revolutionize them. iPhone company will announce more updates when iOS11 is ready to all.