Is Spiderman Safe In The Upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars Movie?

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The Avengers: Infinity Wars trailer kicked off yesterday, and in time of this writing, it sits at over 50 million views, gloriously announcing the end of Marvel’s Phase 3. It is natural to ask, what will happen after Thanos is done with our beloved Earth, and will anything left after him?

Marvel had been pretty shady with revealing plans, probably because of not wanting to throw in any spoilers. But, the rumors are saying that there are going to be significant deaths in the Avengers: Infinity Wars with prime candidates being Iron Man (Tony Stark,) and Captain America (Steve Rogers). However, we’re a bit inclined to believe that one character is safe from a grim fate, and that would be your friendly neighborhood, Spiderman. Why? Let’s get to it.

Avengers: Infinity Wars Creators Hint

In an interview with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, they said that Spiderman 2 (no second title is known) would start right after the Avengers 4. This gives pretty good hint that the next installment in the Spiderman franchise will be tightly connected with whatever happened in the Avengers: Infinity Wars. Also, we believe that this is a crucial point for Marvel to give some space to Spidey, concerning that he will probably be the one who will guide everyone through the aftermath of the fight with Thanos.

Killing Spiderman doesn’t make any sense

For years, Sony held the exclusive right to make Spiderman movies. Those have met with mixed critics, some were good, while the rest, not so. A few years back Marvel got the rights again, and this is the second proof we have that Spiderman will be safe in The Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Just think about it for a moment, let it sit. They have splashed the cash, just to show him in Captain America: Civil War, and to get only one movie after which he is going to be killed in Infinity Wars? Not likely. So, here it is. The two main reasons to believe that Spiderman is not going to bite the dust in the upcoming blockbuster Avengers: Infinity Wars.

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