IT: The Clown That Started IT All

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Remember the news about clowns roaming the streets. Clowns that have been scaring and terrorizing the neighborhood. Thinking that clowns should make you cry by making you laugh but there is one that would get you scared differently. He will make your soul scream out your body, and he started it all.

About the movie

IT is a novel written by Stephen King, a world renowned writer of horror, fantasy, and sci-fi books. He is also famous for more great books such as the “Dark Tower” which was also made a movie this month.

The novel was first adopted in 1990 and did scare tons of viewers. The story is all about an evil entity that murders children every three decades. The story started in 1960 where a group of kids who calls themselves as “Losers Club” faces the demonic entity. The entity called Pennywise The Clown has shapeshifting powers and mind control abilities which he uses to kill children.

Untimely, IT wakes up in the time before the Losers Club was formed. The demon IT has already feasted on some kids including Bill Denbrough’s, one of the protagonists, little brother Georgie. He then uses the spirit of Georgie to lure in Bill and the Losers Club to feast unto. Luckily, the group manages to defeat IT who forces itself back into hibernation after the event. Unsimigly, IT wakes up after nearly 27 years and is on the spree again. Mike Hanlon, the town’s librarian and is one of the Losers Club calls up the others. He then said the killing is starting again and  he made the others remember their oath to return should it start again. Having different professions in life, the group decided to reunite and end IT once and for all.

After some gruesome battles for their life, IT is once for all defeated. After which, each member returned to their regular life and vowed never to return to the town again.

Pennywise: The Dancing Clown

Pennywise was first played by Tim Curry and now will be portrayed by Bill Skarsgard. Bill is also part of the movie “Atomic Blonde” which we must say was a great movie.

The “Losers Club” called the entity IT since they don’t know its real name. IT took the form Pennywise to disguise itself which it uses to stalk its victim. It’s written in the book that, IT came from the creation of the universe in a dimension called “Macroverse”. IT crashes on Earth in an asteroid during the prehistoric time. IT took shelter on what will be the Derry Town, the home of the children. As humans colonize the area, IT would wake up every 3 decades to feast on children. And would go back to hibernation until the next 3 decades where it will hunt for food again.

Now IT is back and IT is ready

After a long time of rest, IT has returned to scare once more. From the first release of the trailer, many people had chills run up their spine. Horror movie fans can’t wait for the remake of all time favorite novel and show which gave us chills. We are sure after seeing the latest trailer of the movie for sure many people are cringing to watch IT. IT will be on the screen next month and for sure it will wreck the theaters.

We are sure after seeing the latest trailer of the movie for sure many people are cringing to watch IT. IT will be on the screen next month and for sure it will wreck the theaters which we are sure it would be “penny wise”.