John Schnatter Resigns as Chairman of the Papa John’s Pizza Foundation

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According to reports, John Schnatter, the founder of the pizza company known as papa john’s which was founded in 1984 has resigned as the chairman of the company. This is after a conference meeting whereby the founder of the KFC used racial words to describe the African-American people. According to John Schnatter, this was a very offensive language to use against the black people.

John Schnatter in an interview with the mass media said that he has leaved with Indians for more than 10 years amongst being black people. This black people to him where people just like the rest of the other people and deserved equal chance in the society. According to the way the black where treated in India. John Schnatter said that he can’t be associated with individual who treated other people like animals.

This was the factor that led to his resignation after colonel Sander referred to the black Americans as ‘niggas’ taking into consideration majority of people in the conference where black Americans. According to reports, John Schnatter said that for all those years’ colonel Sander has never being accused nor charged from using this racial words. To John Schnatter, this was not fair so he resigned due to his support to the black American individuals.

Surprisingly, people didn’t take John Schnatter statement politely, they said that John Schnatter was rude and he shouldn’t have done and said that about colonel Sander. According to the people this was just a usual thing but as far as John Schnatter was concerned, this was a way to prove that racism will never end and by resigning will truly help them see the reason as to why all people should be treated equally.

Considering that John Schnatter owners nearly 30% of the company, this will be a great loss to the company as John Schnatter was the founder member and initial the owner to the papa john’s foundation. Nevertheless, some people supported John Schnatter by saying that colonel Sander was racial and this should never be taken lightly. The people seemed to mock the colonel for his statements and choice of words at the conference.