Longest Blood Moon: Lunar Eclipse 2018

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The long awaited blood moon is finally here. According to reports from the scientific institution, today the longest lunar eclipse is expected to take place. According to the reports, the lunar eclipse is estimated to last for more than 104 minutes. However, the past few decades the lunar eclipse lasted for some minutes. For decades, the longest lunar eclipse lasted for 104 minutes. This was the longest time ever taken for the lunar eclipse to last.

Reports and analysis show that today’s lunar eclipse will be the longest lunar eclipse recorded. A lunar eclipse occurs only when the sun, earth, and moon are perfectly aligned. Today will be a special lunar eclipse which is expected to last more than the previous eclipse. It is considered especially since the blood moon also occurs today.

Considering the size of the moon, the moon will take approximately 4 hours to totally cross the earth shadow. The reported time which the lunar eclipse will last is the calculation of the two parts, the umbra, and penumbra. This means the time estimated is for both the total ad partial eclipse which the lunar eclipse will last.

According to science, when the moon passes through the earth’s shadow, then the moon will disappear but still, the moon will be visible. This means that the earth will dramatically light up the moon’s surface but this is only possible from the reflection from the sun. this reflection will light up the moon but the moon will appear like the color of blood. This is why the eclipse is referred to as the blood moon.

However, this event will only be visible to only a few parts on the earth surface. The Northern Hampshire will not be able to see this happening life since the eclipse will be happening on the other side of the earth. Nevertheless, this event will be visible to all people who want to see the eclipse occurring. This is only possible by accessing the online platform where all the natural occurrences will be displayed.

As time progress the eclipse comes closer so stay tuned for the full occurrence. Remember to adjust to the standard time zone since this event will occur only in a specific time zone so check out for your time zone not to miss the blood moon and the lunar eclipse occurrences.