Taylor Swift’s New Solo Breaking Records

Taylor Swift’s new solo, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is undoubtedly making a huge splash in the music industry this recent day. The music video just added fuel to the fire. Indeed, Taylor is exciting the viewers’ imagination with all those symbols and overly dramatic lines.

Cover for Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation

The song is, without a doubt, about Taylor’s past relationships with ex-lovers, ex-friends and all those related to her. A summary of her entire music career, in other words.

Even though a lot of people criticize this as another typical Taylor Swift song, fans continue to give their full support for the artist.

The song just hit roughly 150 million views on Youtube and an estimated 30,000 downloads in just its first week. Given this trend, it could go way further than it did during its early stages. It even broke both Youtube’s and Spotify’s one-day streaming records.

Taylor Swift’s New Solo on The Rise

True enough, this ‘new’ Taylor Swift brand of song made quite an impact on UK’s music chart

Quickly climbing the ladders of success in the UK, Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is now the most listened to song.

Including this solo, Taylor Swift has  a total of eight songs which have been in UK’s top five list. The other singles which came before this solo such as Love Story, I Knew You Were Trouble and most recently, Shake it Off could only rise as high as the second spot.

This is a rather big transition for her if you have been following her music from the beginning. Taylor Swift has gone from country chic to adult pop superstar. Either it is due to the catchy ring to it or the lines and stanzas filled with stories to tell, but whatever Taylor Swift is doing, you can say it is working out for her.