Meghan Markle Quits Suits, Expects Proposal Soon

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Meghan Markle will not be returning for the next season of Suits. The decision of leaving the hit TV series came straight from the actress. This sudden announcement of quitting the cast of Suits may have to do with her blooming relationship with a member of the royal family. Reports state that the couple will be announcing their engagement soon.

The relationship of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is reaching higher levels as their relationship grows. They were recently seen in public during an event not long ago.

The royal prince is expected to pop the question before December ends according to reports. This is very likely to happen considering the circumstances. Meghan is doing well as Rachel Zane in Suits. In fact, she may be at the peak of her career. This means something is going on that may be greater than her booming career.

Rachel Zane is saying goodbye to Suits

Meghan Markle Will be Missed in Suits Season 8

Although the decision is made with a content heart, fans will still miss the feisty paralegal. Markle portrayed the character so well that it is next to impossible for anyone to take her place.

With her sudden departure from the show, it is expected that her character will slowly make her transition away from the TV series. Perhaps they will decide that Rachel Zane will go overseas, never to return or they may have to kill off the character. Either way, the production team will come up with something to ease the transition.

It is probably difficult to say goodbye to such a loved character. Though this is a difficult transition, fans are still happy that Markle has found happiness for her life. Her loyal fanbase is wishing her all the best and is expecting their announcements.