More people may be charge over journalist’s murder by the Slovak prosecutor

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On Monday, according to reports, the country’s top prosecutor in a statement said that More people will be charged over the journalist killing based upon the ongoing Slovak investigation which was carried on February.

According to reports the murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée up to now has led to the biggest crises which Slovakia has faced. In accordance to this, Nationwide, protests have emerged over corruption related to the wake of murders behind the toppled government of Robert Fic.

Robert Fic, who according to local police statements had exiled the country, as far as records are concerned, he has exiled the country now for almost 12 years. Kuciak in her journals and articles had written series of pieces on the state corruption and more so other devastating topics on the country.

In the meanwhile, on Sunday, the court in charge of the prosecution of the suspect responsible for the murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée ordered other four people detained until the beginning of the trial for the ongoing murder case after police shortly carried out raids earlier last week.

Jaromir Ciznar, Slovak general prosecutor during a news conference said that the court has several more steps to take in preparation of what to take, also there are high chances that more people will be charged with the murder of Jan Kuciak and his fiancée.

The prosecutors in his statement said that the killer according to ongoing investigations was paid 70,000 euros, from this the killer was paid 50,000 euros in cash and the remaining 20,000 euros termed as forgiven debt.

On Friday, woman identified only with initials A and Z was arrested. by the local police. According to the police, this woman was responsible for ordering this murders. Even though up to know it is not clear whether or not this woman was acting alone or with someone else.

According to reports from the police investigations, Kuciak was the initial target and the intended person in the killing. From reports, the killings took place at his own home just outside of Bratislava. The court has ordered the detention of several individuals who will be presented during the final trial of this murder case.