Netflix’s Death Note: A 101min of Disappointment?

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Many animes have been remade by American entertainment studios like Warner Bros. Inc. and Netflix. Some have come out great, but most of the time they are utterly disappointing.

Some anime remake comes with a modern twist and American style of storylines. This can result in a great output but may also tarnish the anime’s name.

Now a new anime is in the spot light of being remade. Death Note, one of Japanese greatest anime of all time. It was so great that it took the world by storm. Many people have adored the anime for its fantastic plot, mind blowing revelations, excellent twists and great characters.

Death Note the Anime Version

In the anime version, Death Note starts with the story of a student, Yagami Light. Light is a super genius kid who thinks the world is full of misdeeds. He uses a Death Note from a Shinigami named Ryuk to correct the world. Any name that is written in the book will die. While doing the killing spree of criminals, Light took the identity of Kira which literally means “Death” in Japanese.

His actions caught the eye of a modern day Sherlock Holmes, L Lawliet. L, with the help of Lights father, Soichiro, tracks down Kira to put his reign of terror to an end.

L finds out the true identity of Kira, but it was all too late. Light manages to defeat and kill L and took over his identity. He then uses a fellow Death Note user Mia and her Shinigami Rem as accomplice and decoy. As Light uses L’s character to create a drama of hunting Kira and uses Mia as means to kill people.

The anime was so excited that it ran for 36 episodes and was adopted many times already. It has been remade into musical, TV- drama and many live-actions.

Now a newly released live-action remake has been released which is made by Netflix. This remake was released last week and runs for 101 mins.

The Remake Version

The remake version of Death Note goes on a different way than those of other remakes or even the original version itself. It was given a different story line and different character projection.

In the Netflix’s version, Light Turner, which becomes Kira, is a high school student. He picks up the Death Note of Ryuk and keeps it for a while.

Light then got into a fight with a bully when protecting a random kid and Mia. He then was sent to detention, and there he meets Ryuk, the owner of the Death Note. And there started their havoc towards criminals.

After committing countless murders, L comes out and hunts for Kira with the help of Light’s father, James Turner. Avoiding conflict, Mia uses a piece of the Death Note to kill the FBI agents and L’s right hand Watari.

Due to rage., L hunts for Light after knowing that he is Kira. But Mia tries to kill Light to take the Note for herself, but Light was able to kill her first. Light was able to survive his struggle with Mia but was hospitalized. The movie ends with L holding a piece of Death Note used by Mia to kill the FBI agents and Watari.

Viewers Point

Being a fan of the anime and knowing the plot well we have high hopes on the new remake. But what is shocking is that only a few people knew about its release.

If you’re viewing the movie as a whole new one and not comparing to the anime version, you could say that the film was made right. It has decent actions and special effects as well as the story line.

If any fans of Death NOte would watch this movie admittedly, they might not get what they wanted. They might give Netflix a failing grade for rearranging the whole story line.  Negative comments after comments have been flying towards the remake done by the Netflix. Many fans were utterly disappointed with the outcome and said that this has to stop.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, we would recommend you to do so and come back with your viewers point of view.