[Review] Brooklyn Nine-nine Season 5 Episode 8: Return To Skyfire

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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine series continues to prove that the sitcom only gets better with each episode. The eighth episode of its fifth season entitled “Return to Skyfire” (aired November 28, 2017) digs into the not heavily explored relationship of Jake and Terry.

The two, Detective Jake Peralta (portrayed by Andy Samberg) and Sergeant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) work on a case involving their favorite writer, DC Parlov, writer of the duo’s favorite book series, ‘The Skyfire Cycle,’ who reports a theft of his unpublished manuscript.Rosa Diaz also works the case, probably to be the voice of reason as the two seemed to be too excited and overwhelmed to be solving their hero’s case.

“Return to Skyfire” provides an in-depth look at Jake and Terry’s somewhat nerdy side. They are seen reciting nerdy quotes and scenes from the book, much to the dismay of Rosa who doesn’t understand the hype about the book series. The episode shows how the detectives lose trust in their hero writer(once again).

Throughout the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series, the viewers have gotten a chance to witness the growing relationship between the Precinct’s Captain- Captain Holt and a slightly nerdy Detective Amy. “Return to Skyfire” shows the two working hand in hand to make sure that the precinct passes a Forensic Science Course which would enable them to acquire certification to have a field lab in the precinct.They work together to ensure that Detective Charles does not ruin their chances of achieving this with his rather mundane story-telling.

“Return to Skyfire” continues to prove fan theory that the precinct is a High School, as seen with interactions between Amy and Holt with Amy (teacher’s pet) frequently sucking up to Holt(teacher), who wants the best for his classroom (the precinct). All in all, ”Return to Skyfire’ proves that indeed. There are still more cop stories to be told.

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