[Review] ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’ – The Perfect Movie This Holiday Season

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With the holiday season almost upon us, what better movie to look at than The Man Who Invented Christmas. The film comes at us at two levels. Firstly, it sets out to be a biopic of the great British Novelist, Charles Dickins.

He is the author of many classic works such as “A Christmas Carol.” However, this very amusing production by Bharat Nalluri operates at a different level as well as Nallluri tries to give the audience his spin on the classic Dickens novel.

The role of Dickens is played by Dan Stevens who has come back to the United Kingdom from the USA after successfully touring with Oliver Twist has followed up with three flops, so Charlie has, as they say, somewhat of a cashflow problem.

His manager and friend, John Forster, played by Justin Edwards is frantically trying to get Dickens a new book deal, but the dreaded writer’s disease of writer’s block has kicked in making it very difficult for John Forster to achieve his objective and secure the agreement that Dickens needs.

Dickens and his wife Kate, played by Morfydd Clark are coming under increasing pressure to settle their cashflow problem as Dickens father, played by Jonathon Pryce, is coming to stay for Christmas. Despite the fact that the difficulties that Dickens is having with the dreaded writer’s block Dickens agree that he will have a new book out in time for Christmas.

Having made the deal, Dickens now realizes that he needs a good story and the main character to lead it. Fortunately for him, his luck starts to change. The writer’s block begins to lift, and Dickens starts to imagine a grumpy old man called Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Christopher Plummer and perhaps the most excellent Christmas story of all is born.

I have seen some better movies this year, but I am a sucker for all things Christmas and this one remains true to the spirit. I give it 7/10 The Man Who Invented Christmas opens December 1, 2017.

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