Sacramento Yellow Cab Taxi Company Unveils its Unique Transport Service for an Ultimate Passenger Experience

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The service is designed to afford passengers the opportunity to travel with ease and comfort all over Sacramento Bay Area and its environs. Passengers can now book online and enjoy attractive discounts of up to 25%.

Sacramento CA: Sacramento Yellow Cab taxi company has unveiled its vastly improved taxi service available to residents and visitors to Sacramento, CA. Their new service offering was made public after launching their extensive online service which has made service bookings easier. Their taxis painted in their traditional yellow colors has taken transport delivery several notches higher by offering customers a better and quicker way of booking for their service. Their new offering gives passengers more options when looking to make a choice between lyft Sacramento airport vs taxi.

The management of Sacramento Taxi believe that with their new online innovation, they have positioned themselves strategically to serve their customers better than before. There are many new features added in their recent move to modernize their service delivery.

As at the time of filing this report, passengers can now make seat reservation online by logging onto their website. When choosing between lyft Sacramento airport vs taxicab drivers, they also have the option of booking online in advance. This window was open to passengers to better help them plan their itinerary ahead of time.

The issue of pricing which many users of taxi services place a lot of interest in is also addressed with this latest offer. The company is promising discounts of up to 25% off taxi fares based on several clauses that passengers can take advantage of to reduce how much they pay for fares. They also offer flat rates for trips within Sacramento’s Bay Area.

One new feature that really stands out in this new offer of theirs is the taxi fare estimate feature. This feature is specially designed to help passengers calculate how much they are most likely going to pay for a trip to any location of their choice within and outside Sacramento. With this feature, passengers can know beforehand how much a particular trip will cost them before they book for the service.  The taxi fare estimator is available on the company’s website and interested passengers can visit their site to use the estimator.

To use the estimator, they are expected to log in their current location or where the taxi is to pick them up from and their destination of choice. By tapping the ‘’Enter’’ key, the estimator will calculate the most probable price they will have to pay as fares. Sacramento Yellow Taxi Cab want passengers to know that the estimator only gives a probable fare and not the exact fare they will eventually pay.

On their website, they also guarantee the safety of passengers and their belonging by insuring their vehicles, providing frequent training for their highly trained drivers and adding a Lost and Found feature to their service. This feature makes it possible for passengers to recover lost items forgotten in any of their taxis

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