Sam Smith, Brandon Flynn Spotted Kissing

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Sam Smith has stepped into the spotlight once again after a few years of absence. Recently, his latest song “Too Good At Goodbyes” captured the hearts of millions of listeners. The debut in Spotify was a total success. Following the success of his latest song, Sam Smith is in the center of everyone’s focus once again. In a recent picture spreading on the internet, Sam is spotted kissing Brandon Flynn.

The couple was seen sharing sweet kisses after having lunch in the big apple, New York City. Later on, both were spotted walking in the streets while holding hands. Pictures of the intimate couple are all over the internet, but the pair just looks happy while enjoying each other’s company.

For those who do not have a single clue who Brandon Flynn is, Sam’s new lover is one of the stars in TV series 13 Reasons Why. Brandon plays the character Justin Foley, the charming ex-boyfriend of Hannah Baker in the series.

Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn lock hands in New York

Weeks prior the public display of attention, Brandon admits being part of the LGBT community. That may have signified that they plan to go out in public as a couple. Of course, society is now slowly transitioning to same-sex relationships.

New Romance, New Songs for Sam Smith?

The singer came first came to stardom after releasing heart-shattering songs. From heartaches to breakups, Sam Smith has utilized every emotion to produce heartfelt songs. With a new love interest budding, one would think new songs are on the way.

This may remind a few music lovers of Taylor Swift. Both are fond of producing songs to relay their emotions and experiences to people. The spark brought by newly found love may yet bring the best out of Sam Smith’s songs. Fans are continuing to support the incredible artist and are amassing a higher number of followers.