[Spoilers] What Can We Expect In Stranger Things Season 3?

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Stranger Things Season 3 Spoilers

What a way to end Stranger Things season one and set the stage for season two with El (Eleven) vanquishing the monster Demogorgon from the upside down and disappearing, leaving viewers wondering whether she died or vanished. As if that was not enough, Will vomits a slug and walks to the sitting room as if nothing happened after an upside-down moment leading to a conclusion whether he is the monster in Stranger Things season 2?

The suspense was just right and adequately orchestrated, setting the stage for season 2. The much-awaited Stranger Things season 2 did not disappoint or did it? It was a complete blend of anything you ever wanted in a horror movie. Emotion, terror, action, and show of power? That was well incorporated and intertwined to produce a masterpiece series; from the much-anticipated return of Eleven, Will’s role as Shadow Monster host, the introduction of demadogs and Eleven’s sister, to Eleven expunging of Shadow Monster to the upside down.

The season did not deviate from the public expectation that Will might be evil or associated with it as he becomes the host. Furthermore, the show reached its climax when the shadow monster killed the employees of Hawkins Lab with the demadogs forcing Eleven to showcase her might by closing the gate to the upside down and erasing the evil from Hawkins. This part was well played out, and would there be a better way to end season 2 and leave viewers with more and more hunger and expectations for season 3 than that? So, what to expect in Stranger Things Season 3?

Steve Bad Boy’s Character given to Billy

Apparently, season two did leave any clues for season three. But, we see a change of behavior and character roles. Steve who was a bad boy turns out to be a soft and loving person, while his evil boy character is replaced by Billy who takes Steve’s spotlight. In season three, Billy and its bad boy character and role will be more pronounced.

Eleven’s Papa is Alive

Also, another clue given in Stranger Things season three is Brenner’s comeback, season one’s Hawkins Lab boss. During Eleven and Eight’s revenge mission encounter in the Hawkins Lab, an employee tells them that Brenner is alive, and he is willing to take them to him. Brace yourself for the return of Papa, the only person Eleven is afraid of.

More Eleven’s Lab Mates?

The reunion between Eleven and Eight hints out a higher possibility of other powers, which fans speculate to be Nine and Ten. Eight seems to be lost and on destruction path and when these sisters reunite in season three. Eleven might be the one who guides them against their biggest nemesis, Brenner.

What is Season Three’s Monster?

As season 2 ends, the shadow monster is defeated, but there is a twist, in the upside down, the shadow monster grooves over the school leaving questions in the viewers’ mind, will it come back and how? Yes, it will be, again. Probably, the hovering of the shadow monster over the school means it senses someone or something, is it Will or Eleven?

New Relationships

Season two hints out what’s in store in season three as far as new relationships are concerned. It won’t be boy’s club anymore. In season one and two, the boys seem to be intimidated and afraid of girls, but as season two ends, they looked to be hunting them. Luke and Mike have their luck and do not only get girls to dance with, but also get their first kisses.

To fully enhance the new roles and relationships, some setting might change. Maybe the next time we meet Will, Mike, Dustin, Max, and Luke, they will be in high school. Also, we probably won’t see Steve and Nancy in that big love affair, as Nancy has started falling for Jonathan, who apparently is in love. As far as adults are concerned, Chief Hopper and Joyce might be a couple.

So far, these are the information we have gathered for Stranger Things season 3. If you thought stranger things season 2 was a blast, season three might blow your mind, but we might have to wait until the next Halloween to see it. Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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