Tanzanian ferry capsized, death toll reaches 218 as more survivors get pulled

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According to recent reports, on Saturday Divers did an extensive search and rescued a man who was found from the remaining wrecks of an overloaded Tanzanian ferry. The ferry had capsized two days on Lake Victoria killing two people instantly. Nevertheless, After hours, Bodies started to float on the surface next to the vessel, which according to the harbor authorities the ferry was estimated to have been carrying over 300 people. After the diver squad did there extensive rescue search, on Saturday, the State broadcaster TBC said that according to the bodies recovered by there diving squad there are no survivors yet and that the death toll is raising and at the moment the death toll is 218 people and counting. In addition to this, 4 navy divers who were involved in the search yesterday resumed their ongoing search which they were conducting inside sunken MV Nyerere after hearing sounds and signs of life which suggests that there maybe a living soul trapped within the waters.


A reporter who was present from the scene said that the Good news was, after an extensive and effortless rescue the diving team reported having pulled one man from the overturned ship and immediately the man was rushed to the hospital. Nevertheless, according to the doctors, His condition was unknown. On Friday, however, President John Magufuli in his statement ordered immediate arrest of all those who were responsible for sinking of the ferry. However, dozens of relatives after getting this sad news came to the scene and stood crying near the shoreline awaiting for information concerning their loved ones. In the meanwhile, Coffins were brought nearby waiting for bodies which were being pulled from this vessel. According to reports the ferry laid belly up only a few meters away from the shoreline. Charles Ngarima, who was among the few survivors said that  the event took place really fast as the ferry overturned and covered us. He added that he since he could be able to swim under water as he headed to unknown destination. While he was swimming to safety, he located fragments of metal bars which had injured his face and head.