X-Men: Dark Phoenix Could Be A Marvel Disappointment

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X-men has always been an all time favorite let it be young or old. From comics down to its very first animation, we have followed its progress.

Many movies have already made its mark in the industry, and all seemed to have pleased the viewers. Down from the very first X-men which was filmed in 2000 up until the latest X-Men: Apocalypse. The list also includes some side stories like Logan and Deadpool. All of these were accepted and loved by many people.

Now a new franchise is set to be released next year. This might be one of the biggest hit X-Men would release.

The movie entitled, X-Men: Drak Phoenix is set to be released in November 2018. Its unveiling was announced last February and gave many X-Men fans a big break.

But unseemingly a certain hearsay has caught out attention. Rumors have it that the movie would be lesser than fans would think. So, we decided to look into it and have found out that it could be true.

Rumor has it

According to the interview of Simon Kinberg, director of almost all X-Men franchise, in Total Film magazine and we quote “[We must] find a way to ground it, so it’s not too Intergalactic.” he also added how X-Men movies are more “human” and emotional. From the words he said, it could only mean one thing. Fans might not get what they want after all.

To be honest, we have high hopes for the movie itself. Since it will be the first time X-Men would go to such level. We all have witnessed how X-Men stayed on Earthly boundaries. And now given a chance to step it up a notch then this happens. Knowing how X-Men has a significant role in the Marvel Universe, not going beyond earth is quite disappointing.

Seeing the trailer does the thing. The movie might be a little less intergalactic. They might be changing some parts of the original story itself.

Well; this is just speculation, we still don’t know what could be the result. We could only rest this issue when the final trailer is out.